(story collections except as noted)

*Jackbird, BPW&P, 1976
*She Comes When You're Leaving, BPW&P, 1982
*Skin Trades, Chris Drumm Books, 1988
*After Magic (novelette), Eotu, 1990, Dark Regions, 1999
*Hypertales & Metafictions, Chris Drumm, 1990
*All the Clocks are Melting (single story booklet), Pulphouse, 1991
*Houses (novelette, stories), Talisman, 1991
*Short Circuits (flash fictions, prose poems), Ocean View, 1991
*Night Eyes, Chris Drumm, 1993
*Stained Glass Rain (novel), Ocean View, 1993, Wildside, 2003
*Dark Tales & Light, Dark Regions, 1999
*The Complete Accursed Wives (fiction, poetry), Talisman/Dark Regions, 2000
Masque of Dreams (fiction/poetry), Wildside, 2001, 2010
*Bruce Boston: Short Stories, Vol. 1 (fiction, poetry, ebook), Fictionwise, 2003
*Bruce Boston: Short Stories, Vol. 2 (fiction, poetry, ebook), Fictionwise, 2003
*Flashing the Dark (flash fiction), Sam's Dot Publishing, 2006
The Guardener's Tale (novel), Sam's Dot Publishing, *2007, 2011
El guardian de almas (Spanish edition, The Guardener's Tale), La Factoria de Ideas,  2009
Visions of the Mutant Rain Forest (with Robert Frazier, fiction, poetry), Crystal Lake
      Publishing, 2017

*XXO, Maya, 1969
*Potted Poems, Maya, 1970
*All the Clocks Are Melting, Velocities, 1984
Alchemical Texts, *Ocean View, 1985, *Miniature Sun (ebook), 2003, free
    at Smashwords, 2011
*Nuclear Futures, Velocities, 1987
*Time, Titan, 1988
*Musings (broadside), Eldritch Emu, 1988
*The Nightmare Collector, 2AM, 1989
*Faces of the Beast, Starmont, 1990
*Other Voices, Other Worlds (audio tape, music by Jack Poley), *Chris Drumm, 1990,
    Telltale Weekly, (audio download, 2004)
*Cybertexts, Talisman, 1991
*Chronicles of the Mutant Rain Forest (with Robert Frazier), Horror's Head Press, 1992
*Accursed Wives, Night Visions, 1993
*Specula: Selected Uncollected Poems, 1968-1993, Talisman, 1993
*Sensuous Debris: Selected Poems, 1970-1995, Dark Regions, 1995
*Conditions of Sentient Life, Gothic, 1996
*Cold Tomorrows, Gothic, 1998
*Confessions of a Body Thief (broadside), Talisman, 1998
*The Lesions of Genetic Sin (broadside), Miniature Sun, 2000
*Pavane for a Cyber-Princess, Miniature Sun, 2001
*White Space, Dark Regions, 2001
*Quanta: Award Winning Poems, Miniature Sun, 2001
*In Far Pale Clarity (broadside), Quixsilver, 2002
*Night Smoke (ebook with Marge Simon), Miniature Sun & Quixsilver, 2002
*She Was There for Him the Last Time, Miniature Sun, 2002
*The Crow Is Dismantled in Flight (ebroadside), Miniature Sun, 2003
*Head Full of Strange (ebook), CyberPulp, 2003
*Pitchblende (selected by Michael Arnzen), Dark Regions, 2003
*Etiquette with Your Robot Wife (humor), Talisman, 2005
*Shades Fantastic, Gromagon Press, 2006
*Night Smoke (with Marge Simon, expanded print edition of the 2002 ebook), Kelp Queen, 2007
*The Nightmare Collection, Dark Regions, 2008
*Double Visions (collaborative poems), Dark Regions,  2009
*North Left of Earth, Sam's Dot, 2009
Dark Matters, Bad Moon Books, 2010
*Surrealities, Dark Regions, 2011
Anthropomorphisms, 2012, Elektrik Milk Bath Press
Notes from the Shadow City (with Gary William Crawford), Dark Regions, 2012
Dark Roads: Selected Long Poems 1970-2012, Dark Renaissance, 2013
*Resonance Dark & Light, Eldritch Press, 2015
Sacrificial Nights (with Alessandro Manzetti), Kipple Officina Libraria, 2016
Brief Encounters with My Third Eye: Selected Short Poems 1975-2016, Crystal Lake
 Publishing, 2016
Bibliography -- Bruce Boston
Review Quotes

"...collects nearly two dozen
brilliant stories, ranging across all
emotional and narrative terrains."  
--Paul Di Filippo,
The Washington
, on Masque of Dreams

"It is rare to find a writer capable
of writing both prose and poetry
with equal skill, and in the SF/F/H
genres there is no greater
practitioner of that combination
than Bruce Boston."  --Tim Pratt,
Locus, on Masque of Dreams

"Boston addresses the issues of
individuality in a seemingly perfect
world, a world that in actuality is
rife with problems....this book
certainly belongs as a great
anti-authoritarian novel for the
--Anders Monsen,
Prometheus on
The Guardener's Tale

"Boston is deft and quirky. He is
also gifted with a distinctive way
of seeing 'the other' is the best
of the classics he brings to mind."  
--Tom Easton,
Analog, on Night

"...uncommon grace and clarity of
vision. Boston writes with the
voice of a poet, the heart of a
bodhisattva, and the unblinking
eye of an investigative reporter."
--Daniel Marcus,
Wired, on
Stained Glass Rain

"Again, with emphasis: this entire
collection is composed of
award-winning poems. I cannot
think of another writer in the genre
who could fill a book of short
pieces with award-winners, with
the exception, perhaps, of Harlan
Ellison."  --Michael Arnzen,
Strange Horizons, on Quanta

"It is witty, wise, and hysterically
funny!...rivals the
series for sheer comic
brilliance."  --J. L. Comeau,
Creature Feature, on Etiquette
with Your Robot Wife.
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