(story collections except as noted)

*Jackbird, BPW&P, 1976
*She Comes When You're Leaving, BPW&P, 1982
*Skin Trades, Chris Drumm Books, 1988
*After Magic (novelette), Eotu, 1990, Dark Regions, 1999
*Hypertales & Metafictions, Chris Drumm, 1990
*All the Clocks are Melting (single story booklet), Pulphouse, 1991
*Houses (novelette, stories), Talisman, 1991
*Short Circuits (flash fictions, prose poems), Ocean View, 1991
*Night Eyes, Chris Drumm, 1993
*Stained Glass Rain (novel), Ocean View, 1993, Wildside, 2003
*Dark Tales & Light, Dark Regions, 1999
*The Complete Accursed Wives (fiction, poetry), Talisman/Dark Regions, 2000
Masque of Dreams (fiction/poetry), Wildside, 2001, 2010
*Bruce Boston: Short Stories, Vol. 1 (fiction, poetry, ebook), Fictionwise, 2003
*Bruce Boston: Short Stories, Vol. 2 (fiction, poetry, ebook), Fictionwise, 2003
*Flashing the Dark (flash fiction), Sam's Dot Publishing, 2006
The Guardener's Tale (novel), Sam's Dot Publishing, *2007, 2011
, ebook, Independent
    Legions, 2021.

El guardian de almas (Spanish edition, The Guardener's Tale), La Factoria de Ideas,  2009
Visions of the Mutant Rain Forest (with Robert Frazier, fiction, poetry), Crystal Lake
 Publishing, 2017
Gallimaufry (story collection), Plum White Press, forthcoming 2021

*XXO, Maya, 1969
*Potted Poems, Maya, 1970
*All the Clocks Are Melting, Velocities, 1984
Alchemical Texts, *Ocean View, 1985, *Miniature Sun (ebook), 2003, free
  at Smashwords, 2011
*Nuclear Futures, Velocities, 1987
*Time, Titan, 1988
*Musings (broadside), Eldritch Emu, 1988
*The Nightmare Collector, 2AM, 1989
*Faces of the Beast, Starmont, 1990
*Other Voices, Other Worlds (audio tape, music by Jack Poley), *Chris Drumm, 1990,
 Telltale Weekly, (
audio download, 2004)
*Cybertexts, Talisman, 1991
*Chronicles of the Mutant Rain Forest (with Robert Frazier), Horror's Head Press, 1992
*Accursed Wives, Night Visions, 1993
*Specula: Selected Uncollected Poems, 1968-1993, Talisman, 1993
*Sensuous Debris: Selected Poems, 1970-1995, Dark Regions, 1995
*Conditions of Sentient Life, Gothic, 1996
*Cold Tomorrows, Gothic, 1998
*Confessions of a Body Thief (broadside), Talisman, 1998
*The Lesions of Genetic Sin (broadside), Miniature Sun, 2000
*Pavane for a Cyber-Princess, Miniature Sun, 2001
*White Space, Dark Regions, 2001
*Quanta: Award Winning Poems, Miniature Sun, 2001
*In Far Pale Clarity (broadside), Quixsilver, 2002
*Night Smoke (ebook with Marge Simon), Miniature Sun & Quixsilver, 2002
*She Was There for Him the Last Time, Miniature Sun, 2002
*The Crow Is Dismantled in Flight (ebroadside), Miniature Sun, 2003
*Head Full of Strange (ebook), CyberPulp, 2003
*Pitchblende (selected by Michael Arnzen), Dark Regions, 2003
*Etiquette with Your Robot Wife (humor), Talisman, 2005
*Shades Fantastic, Gromagon Press, 2006
*Night Smoke (with Marge Simon, expanded print edition of the 2002 ebook), Kelp Queen, 2007
*The Nightmare Collection, Dark Regions, 2008
*Double Visions (collaborative poems), Dark Regions,  2009
*North Left of Earth, Sam's Dot, 2009
Dark Matters, Bad Moon Books, 2010
*Surrealities, Dark Regions, 2011
Anthropomorphisms, 2012, Elektrik Milk Bath Press
Notes from the Shadow City (with Gary William Crawford), Dark Regions, 2012
Dark Roads: Selected Long Poems 1970-2012, Dark Renaissance, 2013
*Resonance Dark & Light, Eldritch Press, 2015
Sacrificial Nights (with Alessandro Manzetti), Kipple Officina Libraria, 2016
Brief Encounters with My Third Eye: Selected Short Poems 1975-2016, Crystal Lake
   Publishing, 2016, Korean-language edition, Philyohanchaek, 2021
Artifacts, Independent Legions, 2018
Bibliography -- Bruce Boston
Review Quotes

"...collects nearly two dozen
brilliant stories, ranging across all
emotional and narrative terrains."  
--Paul Di Filippo,
The Washington
, on Masque of Dreams

"It is rare to find a writer capable
of writing both prose and poetry
with equal skill, and in the SF/F/H
genres there is no greater
practitioner of that combination
than Bruce Boston."  --Tim Pratt,
Locus, on Masque of Dreams

"Boston addresses the issues of
individuality in a seemingly perfect
world, a world that in actuality is
rife with problems....this book
certainly belongs as a great
anti-authoritarian novel for the
--Anders Monsen,
Prometheus on
The Guardener's Tale

"Boston is deft and quirky. He is
also gifted with a distinctive way
of seeing 'the other' is the best
of the classics he brings to mind."  
--Tom Easton,
Analog, on Night

"...uncommon grace and clarity of
vision. Boston writes with the
voice of a poet, the heart of a
bodhisattva, and the unblinking
eye of an investigative reporter."
--Daniel Marcus,
Wired, on
Stained Glass Rain

"Again, with emphasis: this entire
collection is composed of
award-winning poems. I cannot
think of another writer in the genre
who could fill a book of short
pieces with award-winners, with
the exception, perhaps, of Harlan
Ellison."  --Michael Arnzen,
Strange Horizons, on Quanta

"It is witty, wise, and hysterically
funny!...rivals the
series for sheer comic
brilliance."  --J. L. Comeau,
Creature Feature, on Etiquette
with Your Robot Wife.
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