From Resonance Dark and Light, Eldritch Press, 2015



a: the quality or state of being resonant

b: a vibration of large amplitude in a
mechanical electrical political social personal behavioral
artistic or tribal system caused by a small stimulus of the
same period as the temporal
vibration it habits

long before the storm
a butterfly flutters its wings
in a primeval forest

the rhetoric of der Führer
inflames the hearts
of a disheartened generation

Robert Zimmerman
hears Woody Guthrie
for the first time


a: a quality imparted to sound
by vibration in resonating cavities

the bowl of the chest
the chasm of self
the bent canvas of history
the dark cave of the stars

(there is a mathematical formula
to explain such resonance
in each hemisphere)

b: a quality of richness or variety
in whatever taste one might express

thin apple slices
the nuttiness of an aged Swiss
and a properly chilled

he was working his
way through the
elite of the noir canon
from the savage nights
of Jim Thompson
to the savoir-faire and nonchalance
of Highsmith’s Mr. Ripley

c: the intensification and enriching of a musical tone
by supplementary vibrations

Monk and Coltrane
jazz improv extraordinaire
listening and reflecting
and echoing one another

d: a quality of evoking a response

a rapier’s thrust
a chess move
that topples the evil king
an unexpected kiss


the enhancement of an atomic nuclear
or particle reaction or a scattering event
by the excitation of internal motion in its system

Bikini Atoll  Fukushima
Three Mile Island
Hiroshima  Nagasaki
death and mutation
of both fauna and flora


the sound elicited on the percussion of the chest
from internal or external stimuli

a doctor’s tap
a boxer’s blow
a blob of undigested
gristle or gravy
an electric guitar


the way certain senses can conjoin in memory
sight taste scent sound telescoping into
full-blown memories of another sense

the fragrance of geraniums
always evoked a vision
of their garish petals
twined in a chain link fence
from somewhere when
in his migratory youth

her allergic lover’s death throes
on the sun-slashed forest floor
recalled by the distinctive
drone of a wasp in flight.


a vague yet sure sense that something
is there you can’t quite apprehend

a matrix for understanding
the scattered debris of the past

the secret

the moon and stars invisible
beyond the neon-plaited
night of Manhattan